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A Sneak Peek At The Academy Of Arts University

Established in 1929 in San Fransisco, the Academy of Art University has been a haven for artists all over the world. Dr.Elisa Stephens, the President of the highly acclaimed art school, is the granddaughter of the founders. Clara Stephens and Richard Stephens were the brains behind the university. They desired to hold the hands of the next generation of artists.

The two seasoned artists were looking to offer mentorship to a class of promising artists. The school has not lost track of its vision ninety years later. They have grown from success to success and have every intention of keeping this trend going for many more years to come.

The Academy of Art University firmly believes that commitment and passion are necessary to establish anyone in the art industry. As far as they are concerned, these two traits are the main difference between success and failure. The university prides itself with the ability to train problem-solvers and visionaries of the days to come.

Their illustrious history has revealed that only the students willing to put in the time and the effort to learn stand a chance at success. Talent can take care of 10% of the overall success. The remaining percentage is down to hard work and resilience.

The Academy of Art University is an urban campus that seeks to provide a home for budding artists. Students are offered a professional environment that goes a long way in supporting their growth. They don’t have to worry about trying and making mistakes along the way.

Beyond that, students are taught with the real world in mind. Once they step out of class, they have enough to offer viable solutions and go on to achieve great success in their careers. Multiple opportunities are available, and aggressive students can make the most of them.

The university thrives on the common purpose instilled in the whole fraternity. Students are sure to find an artistic home and achieve their dreams.


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