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Gino Pozzo Passion’s for Watford and His Influence in the Family Business

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Gino Pozzo has built a good reputation for propelling lower division football clubs to top league competitors. He owns the Watford Football Club and continues to be an influential figure in the sports industry in Europe. His passion for the sport and specifically football comes from his parents GianapaoloPozzo and GuilianaPozzo who were football lovers. Gino Pozzo grew up in Udine Italy. He is a relative to former presidents of the UdineseCalcio football club.

Gino moved to the United States of America when he was eighteen. This saw him enroll for university education which ended up with him earning a Master’s degree from Harvard University. Gino Pozzo then moved to Spain after marrying his wife Catalan where he resided in Barcelona for twenty years. By the time he was moving to London in 2013 Pozzo and he already had three kids. He moved to London to be fully involved with Watford Football Club which he had recently acquired. The club is based at Vicarage Road.

The Pozzo family is popular for its unending love for the football game. Gino’s father Gianapaolo bought the Udinese club which was based in Italy in 1986. His father mobilized funds from the tool making enterprise which had supported the family for long. The Pozzo family was actively participating in the woodworking business until the acquisition of the Udinese football club. The family now owns and operates an electrical tools business in Spain. They have recently been engaging in finance and property mergers. The success of Udinese has built them trust in the business world which has seen them engage in other businesses with ease.

Gino Pozzo has been in the frontline when it comes to family business. He has been particularly involved in the global expansion of the sports empire. This has made Gino Pozzo be a key figure in the family business and a confidant to his father.


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