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Malcolm CasSelle: Blockchain Will Improve Transparency and Transaction Speeds in the Digital World

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Blockchain technology is founding use in many areas and recently, it is being applied in online gaming. South Korea has been particularly a major cryptocurrency exchange center after the United States and Japan. The citizens of the countries have been involved in the cryptocurrency craze. Recently, South Korea courts ruled that Bitcoin is a recognized asset. The latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies is changing how people views cryptocurrencies. The online gaming industry is leaning towards embracing block chain technology. Malcolm CasSelle introduced cryptocurrencies to the gaming industry.

Malcom CasSelle introduces blockchain to gaming

Malcom CasSelle is a CIO at OPSkins and President of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). Both companies are centered on giving online gamers great gaming services. OPSkins enables secure buying and selling of skins. On the other hand, WAX provides a fully functional virtual marketplace with zero investment in payment processing, security or infrastructure.

Mr. CasSelle believes the ever-growing blockchain-based gaming technology will open up more opportunities for WAX even as the interest of gamers continue to increase. With time, cryptocurrencies are going to increase the transaction speeds and transparency of not only the gaming industry, but many other industries.

The creative sector is blossoming in South Korea. This will only mean that creative companies in the country will have to consider sourcing the mining computing mechanism to enable them to handle resource-intensive tasks.

Malcom CasSelle’s background

He is at the helm of OPSkins and WAX leadership team serving as CTO and President respectively. Previously, he served as CTO and President at tronc, Inc. Prior to tronc, he served at SeaChange International as Senior Vice President and General Manager Media after the company acquired his company, Timeline Labs. Timeline Labs was a leading in provision of solution to companies to discover, display as well as measure engaging content.

Mr. CasSelle has helped startups to grow in the digital industry. He has led many of those infant companies including MediaPass. The entrepreneur also served in other prominent companies including Xfire. Malcom CasSelle invested early in prominent companies such as Facebook, Zynga and funds. He also co-founded PCCW, a telecom company which is now valued at over $35 billion.


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