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Alex Pall: From Small Time DJ to World Class Musician

The city of New York is home to many potential talents, and Alex Pall is a prime example of how talented the New Yorkers are. Alex Pall, together with Drew Taggart, forms the popular duo called The Chainsmokers. Before he found fame, Alex Pall is an ordinary guy who works for an art gallery. During the day, he dedicates himself checking the artworks displayed inside the gallery. He is making sure that these artworks are safe and away from the eyes of those who wanted to steal it. At night, his world changes – it becomes livelier, and he tends to spend it with lots of friends and acquaintances. Alex Pall loves music, and he is dedicating his time and energy learning it. Since he knew how to operate a DJ, he tries to work part-time, serving clubs and bars across the city. Because of his skills in mixing, he became a staple in some of the largest clubs and bars in New York City.

This would be his routine for the next few months until he started to notice that the money he collects from his part-time job is slowly eclipsing the salary he gets from his daytime job. Alex Pall had finally decided to leave his job at the art gallery when he realized that he could earn more from doing the things that he likes. He started to become a mainstay in some of the largest clubs and bars in New York City, and one night, he met a man that would change his career. Alex Pall was invited by his future manager to his place, telling him that he has the potential to become famous. Hesitant at first, he was convinced to go to his place, and he was acquainted with Drew Taggart.

The two instantly became friends, because they share the same passion for creating and performing music. Their manager has also christened them as The Chainsmokers, and he rolled out an extravagant plan for the two budding musicians. They first released their single in 2012, called “Roses,” and it became a huge hit. The Chainsmokers will soon release more music that will become bar and club staples, which would contribute a lot to their success.



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