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With 30 years of success, Boraie Development is the choice of a developer for the people in New Jersey. They focus on people who want a long tenure of ownership that includes tenants and owners.

They are known for efficiently managing their properties that includes maintaining impressive details. Management of properties includes various tasks like administration, customer service, maintenance, and marketing.

Boraie Development’s new project “The Aspire” is a luxurious residential complex with apartments for rent only. They have one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with a 24/7 doorman lobby, parking facility, a recreational center for leisure activities. With 238 studio apartments at the center of New Brunswick, it is the choice for people looking out for rental apartments. To see more you can checkout

They have various dining options within the complex, with provision for electric barbeques on the terrace garden. Amenities such as a yoga center and a fully equipped gym are available for fitness conscious people. There is also the provision for online payment of rent and prior notifications of deliveries.

The tariff of the apartments vary. For studio apartments, the monthly rent is $1,650. For one-bedroom apartments, the rate is $1,800 monthly. The highest rate of $2,750 is for two-bedroom apartments.

Sam Boraie is the founder of Boraie Development. He came to the U.S. in the 70’s to acquire a doctorate. He didn’t know fate had other plans for him. Currently, he is working along with his sons towards the progress of Boraie Development.



Shaquille O’Neal’s meeting with Omar Boraie was possible due to the efforts of Mike Parris, who is an uncle to Shaquille O’Neal. Mr. O’Neal and Sam Boraie struck a deal focusing on the development of Newark.

Their first act together was the renovation of a vintage Theatre in Springfield that cost around $7million. They have various projects running simultaneously which basically focus on the development of commercial and housing complexes, particularly in affected areas. One of the ongoing projects includes building a housing complex and a retail store for the people of Atlantic City. For more details you can visit



The role of Shaquille O’Neal is of a co-developer. He holds a percentage of shares with Boraie Development, the details of which were not shared during an interview with Wasseem Boraie, who is the current vice president of Boraie Development. Shaquille O’Neal actively takes part in planning the projects though he leaves the technical details for the Boraie developers to handle. Both of the partners view their relationship as an important one for the people of their city.





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