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Betsy Devos: A Committed Reformer

Betsy Devos and her husband Dick have a long history of investing in communities to give young people better opportunities for personal growth. The pair has invested heavily in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where improving the arts and working on schools has been a passion for the Devos Foundation. While Dick made his fortune with Amway, Betsy has taken the dive into politics. She realized a few years ago that just having an impact in Michigan was not enough. She wanted to take some of her good ideas to Washington so she could help parents across the country. With this in mind, Betsy and Dick alike have become powerhouses in the educational field.


Betsy Devos’s foray into education policy started in a predictable way. Like most parents, she was looking for good schools so that her children would have an opportunity to succeed in life. She had trouble finding the right fit, seeing public schools as not being good enough and finding private school options underwhelming. Along the way, as she researched schools, she met a number of other parents who had the same concerns. Where would their children go? Why couldn’t they choose a perfect school? Why did the rules require her and her husband to choose an option that might leave their child without the best foundation.


With this in mind, she saw an opportunity to work on school choice as a part of Donald Trump’s administration. She was not a politician by trade. In fact, she did not like all of the mud slinging and bad mouthing that went along with politics. When she first got involved, some around her wondered how she would respond to the dirtier side of the business. As it turned out, she was more than ready for the challenge. When she got to Washington, she took to fighting many of the ingrained interests standing against solid educational policy.


With a little bit of experience under her belt, Devos has already seen some successes. She has seen a number of states accept her ideas and implement them. She has seen parents from Louisiana to Indiana come around to the idea that they should not have to just accept the status quo. Instead, they should be able to send their children to the school of their choice. As she has seen more acceptance of this idea, Devos has grown more confident in the future of American education.


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