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Guilherme Paulus: The Man Behind The Achievements That Shaped Brazil’s Tourism Image

There may be as many articles out there about Guilherme Paulus as there are ventures in the plans, dreams or visions of Guilherme Paulus. Two of the most insightful articles that readers can find about him may be the ones from Istoe Dinheiro and Revista Turismo Copartilhado.

In the Istoe Dinheiro, it’s finally confirmed that Guilherme Paulus just recently got awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year for 2017 by Money Magazine. It is the vision Guilherme Paulus to build a hotel empire in Brazil, and to make sure that the vision he has for the tourism industry in the country would be realized or at least articulated. Right now, there’s about 20 units of the real estate projects of Guilherme Paulus that are spread all over Brazil, and it’s a good thing that he got awarded for such accomplishment.

In the awarding ceremony, the media and several distinguished people found Paulus’ speech as a remarkable testament to how clearly he is able to translate his vision into something applicable to the real world. Not that Guilherme Paulus needed to say a lot, considering his actions speak more loudly.

His actions confirm that Paulus is a 68-year-old business leader who’s able to create CVC, the largest tour operator in Brazil, and to divest a part of its ownership to high-ticket partners. This has been possible for Paulus because he is a strong optimistic believer of Brazil’s still undiscovered tourism potential. He also affirms Brazil’s opportunity to innovate in the field of hospitality business.

Readers can also read from the Revista news portal how Paulus aced his public talk during the Top Seller 2017, an event for various shareholders that can grow the business environment of Brazil. In the event, Paulus shared some of his achievements for CVC. He shared how he’s able to grow his enterprise into 1,164 stores employing a remarkable 9,086 travel agents.

He also shared in his talk some of the most important fundamentals in growing one’s business, which include loving what you do, being determined and always being optimistic despite failures. These may be simple concepts to read, but Paulus believes that the simplest concepts are often the hardest to master.



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