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How The Internet is Influencing the Healthcare Industry According to Drew Madden

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This is an exciting time for healthcare. Drew Madden is talking about the different aspects of this exciting time. One of the reasons that people can be excited about this period of time in healthcare is that it is on the verge of some huge innovations. For one thing, Google is looking into building partnerships in the healthcare industry with the purpose of experimenting with machine learning. This can make it more efficient for professionals to give people the right type of treatments. This can be something very exciting for Drew Madden because he is involved with Healthcare IT.

One thing that Google’s involvement in the healthcare industry could help with is the diagnostic aspect of healthcare. A lot of people find themselves getting a misdiagnosis of what they are struggling with. As a result, they find themselves with treatments that could actually make them worse because they are treating an illness they don’t have while neglecting an illness they do have. Google and Drew Madden can both come up with new technology that is more precise when it comes to diagnosing a patient. This can also save a lot of time of trial and error when it comes to treating some of the more difficult and tricky ailments.

Drew Madden could probably help Google and the healthcare industry because they are working in the field that he is experienced in. He is involved in helping the healthcare facilities keep records as well as analyze them. Another reason that Google is partnering with various entities in the healthcare industry is that machine learning is able to predict many different needs of the patient. For instance, the machine will soon be able to predict when a patient is going to need a hospital. This is just one of the examples of what to expect for the health industry.

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