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OSI Industries – Growth

OSI Industries is a food production company that has a very long history in the food processing business. The firm started in 1909 as a butcher shop before it grew into what it is today. The company is currently among the top 100 largest private businesses in the United States. The growth of this company in the last few decades has been fast thanks to good leadership from the company’s executives. The company currently has its operations in 17 countries in different continents. The company has been growing its production capacity every year so that it can meet the demands of the market. Food security is a concern that this company is ready to address by creating affordable and competitive food products. OSI Industries has its headquarters at Aurora, Illinois.

The company has taken matters of environmental preservation seriously. The company has invested in production methods that are sustainable so that they do not release too much harmful gases to the environment. They have made sure that their facilities are installed with energy efficient solutions which lower energy consumption. A good example is the facility that they have built in Toledo. The plant has lowered the energy consumption by 20 percent. The system has also created room for green means of cooling.

In Spain OSI Food Solutions has even been awarded more money by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund due to its commitment to sustainability. The funds will be use to expand the Toledo plant even further. The company has also received award from Chamber of Commerce due to its commitment to support the local communities with jobs creation.

OSI Industries is the company it is today because of men who took the mantle and created a company that could last for many years. OSI Industrious was founded by a German immigrant in 1909 but along the way, there has been a couple of people who have played a key role in its growth. At some point, the founder was joined by his two sons in management and they named the then butcher shop Otto & Sons.

In 1975, the company hired the services of Sheldon Lavin who came from the banking sector. His role was to assist in the global expansion of the company. He had experience that would assist the company meets its targets. Since then, Sheldon Lavin has been with OSI Industries. He is the current CEO after the other owners left for varied reasons.

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