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Meet the Pilot and Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Dick is a long-time pilot and an aviation geek, Rich Devos’ eldest son and the husband to the U.S. Education Secretary, Betsy Devos. Before he became the Cheife Executive Officer of The Windquest Group, he used to work as the president of his father’s company, Amway, which is involved in direct sales. The Windquest Group is a Grand Rapids based company for many businesses which include Boxed Water, Coppercraft Distillery, and The Stow Company.


His urge and the persistence for a better future made him call the Air Tran Airways CEO to convince him of the great treasures that would come from improving Grand Rapid’s Airport and change the outlook of air travel in West Michigan. He invited the CEO of the inexpensive carrier into a meeting which yielded the decision to run a lot of flights out of Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and Southwest bought the carrier months before Air Tran began their operations in Grand Rapids. Mr. Devos had become lucky.


In his life time he has made so many charitable donations mainly because of the support he gets from his wife Betsy Devos. The couple has single handedly helped poor families by ensuring their children get the best education available to them in a safe environment. The couple started out by offering children from poor backgrounds scholarships. Not only that they have over the years donated millions of dollars to different projects among them leadership programs in the community. They also participated in the construction of a children’s hospital that upon completion was named after Dick’s mother.



When they had school-aged children, he and his wife had the opportunity to interact with parents, and he ran for the position of State Board of Education in 1990, Michigan and got elected. Mrs. Devos got involved in developing a foundation to help the low-income families. With children of his own Dick is passionate about children’s education and he made initiative to found a charter school in 2010.


The aviation school is at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and it has thrived with over 500 students coming from seven countries to get to the airport. The school is tuition-free and operates with a per-student allowance which is from the state just like other Michigan charter schools. The school has three classes that have graduated so far, and the last class’s average SAT score was above the statewide average score making the school be listed top 10 Countrywide. The Devos couple has donated funds and given non-interest loans to help in equipping and in the expansion of the school buildings.


Most of Dick’s activities revolve around aviation due to his passion for aviation and business. In fact, most people call him an aviation geek and a pilot. He is a tough man who even when knocked down by any challenges, he stands for what he believes in until it succeeds. Those who know him can confirm that he is a big-hearted person, very dedicated to his work and the right person to emulate.


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