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National Steel Car: Providing Jobs To The Public

The National Steel Car is considered as one of the fastest growing business in the country. The company’ current owner is Gregory James Aziz, who is also serving as its president, chairman, and chief executive officer. Gregory James Aziz believes that a company which has a lot of employees could make a difference. When he bought the company in 1994, there were 500 employees from the DOFASCO era that were pleading him not to lay them off. He decided that he can make use of their knowledge about rolling stocks, so he decided to let them stay. He raised these employees to become future trainers, and when he hired more than 2,500 new employees, they were the ones who taught them how to build high-quality rolling stocks.



The National Steel Car was able to produce more than 12,500 rolling stocks in a year, which is almost four times their original production. Gregory J Aziz is also doing his best to promote the company among Canadian and American investors. It is his dream to see the National Steel Car expand beyond its comfort zone, and his target is for the company to become a multinational firm in the future. Aside from the expansion that he is dreaming of, Gregory James Aziz is also doing his best for the company to receive certifications from public institutions around the world that would allow their product to be certified as high-quality. Refer to This Article for related information.



The National Steel Car is geared to become one of the best rolling stock companies in the planet and to help them achieve their goal; they would have to hire more people to work on their manufacturing plants. Gregory James Aziz is always telling the company that additional employees should be hired because they will be the ones driving the company to new heights. Recently, Gregory James Aziz tasked the company management to sponsor a job fair for the citizens of Hamilton. They hired 200 people from the job fair, and these new employees will be trained to become welders.



The citizens of Hamilton are expressing their gratitude towards Greg Aziz and his company because they keep on providing the local people with new jobs. They wish for the company to expand further so that more people will be given a chance to work with one of the best companies on the planet. The National Steel Car stated that after its expansion, more people would be given jobs.

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