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Betsy DeVos: Encouraging Parents to Exercise Their Rights to School Choice

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When it comes to the problems with the United States school system, you can take your pick. There are so many different things that need to be changed within the system to increase the standard that students are operating underneath of. Students go to school every single day dreading what they might have to go through, bullying is a huge issue in many public schools, and to top that off there are a lot of schools that are not able to meet the bare minimum qualifications necessary in their testing departments. This sets students up for failure in a lot of ways and sometimes gates them from being able to attend better institutions of higher learning.


Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education, does not like the prospect of students who have dampened futures because of a system that was supposed to be designed to help them. She has pushed for the creation and implementation of school choice since very early on into her career. She believes that when it comes to a system as broken as the one exercising within the United States, the best option is to shut it down and to change it completely around. This is where people tend to jump ship with her plan, but they don’t understand the benefits that are hiding behind making such a bold move. She has explained that over the years more magnet schools, gifted education programs, private schools, and online institutions have sprouted up all over the country. These are viable options for students and many of them will not cost their parents more money than they already pay to send their children to their local public school. In addition to that, there are scholarship programs available for some of these sources of education and online education is certainly designed to create a smaller impact on the parent’s budget. For what they would save in materials, school lunches, and increased amounts of clothing, parents can afford a better option for their children.


In Florida, Betsy DeVos visited a magnet school that was specifically designed for girls with an unlikely companion, entertainer Pitbull. She wanted to visit the school so that she could see how they were performing, and she was certainly given a welcome surprise. Children within that school and all throughout the state are performing at an increased level thanks to the tailored instruction that has been implemented throughout the institution. She is also noticed sweeping changes present in Illinois, Louisiana, and certainly in Michigan. Michigan, at this time, has one of the biggest private school systems in the country due to the significant amount of work that Betsy DeVos has poured into the project. As more of these systems begin to crop up, DeVos is calling for public funding that will help bolster their numbers. She also recommends that parents look at these alternative institutions that have already been established as they are still excellent options for their children. The point is that their children move away from the public-school structure into a structure that is better suited to their needs, with parents exercising their right to school choice for their children.


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