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For women who love making themselves up and reinventing their beauty image, Lime Crime Cosmetics are a dream come true. This innovative makeup brand came on the scene back in 2007-2008, and was the brainchild of a beautiful Russian emigre named Doe Deere. Deere is one entrepreneur who discovered the possibilities of the Internet as a business and branding tool early, and her success with launching her own line of cosmetics is really telling the tale.


Lime Crime has made a name for itself in a highly competitive industry, and it’s giving some of the bigger brands a real run for their money. Deere did all of this by starting with a small online product website, and then growing from there. Today, this brand has millions of followers on Instagram, and its products, like its quality lipsticks, compare favorably to products priced much higher.


A Promotional Innovator With Creative Savvy



Doe Deere grew up mostly in New York after her family emigrated from Russia. She became involved with a rock band, and also studied fashion in New York. She left school to launch her own online fashion brand, and she used some of the music marketing techniques she’d developed with her brand to promote her online clothing. Along the way, she began to play around with makeup, and started to do makeup tutorials that promoted her new makeup line. She soon realized that makeup was really her strong point, and from there, things really took off.


Courageous Colors


One of the elements of the Lime Crime brand that really captures people’s attention is the brand’s use of color. Deere went with her instincts as far as using color, and she hasn’t been afraid to be daring. Her Unicorn lipsticks come in colors that range from deep blue to green, purple, pink and mushroom beige. As far as Deere is concerned, if the colors look good, go with them, and her customer base has bravely followed suit. Today Lime Crime also offers hair color that matches or complement these wild color choices, and the women who use these products wisely end up being as pretty as can be.


Ultimately, Deere’s secret with Lime Crime is that she isn’t afraid to be totally who she is, and many women find this inspiring. This idea, along with the high quality of the Lime Crime product line, have served this company well. So, the next time you’re in the mood for products that are pretty, pouty, colorful and whimsical, check out all that the Lime Crime brand has to offer. It’s sure to make you that much more beautiful!


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