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Robert Ivy On How New Design Foundations Can Transform Health Sector

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  • Robert Ivy On How New Design Foundations Can Transform Health Sector

About Robert
Robert Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi. He enrolled at the University of Tennessee for his bachelor’s degree in Arts and later went to Tulane for a master’s degree in architecture. Currently, he resides in Washington, D.C.

His Awards
In 2009, following his contributions to the editorial excellence, he was awarded the G.D. Crain Award. Earlier on, he had received other distinctions that include McGraw-Hill Award due to his excellence in management in 1988.

His time at Architectural Record
In 1996, Ivy assumed the position of the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. During his tenure, Ivy helped the organization to become one of the most read architectural journals in the world. Additionally, his leadership enabled the Architectural Record to earn numerous publishing honors that include premier magazine journalism award.

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His previous position at Dale, Dean & Ivy
At the start of 1981 up to 1996, Ivy became the principal of the Dale, Dean & Ivy as well as the critic for several national publications. In February 2011, Robert Ivy got appointed the Chief Executive Officer.

His time and role at American Institute of Architects
Robert Ivy has been advocating for the rights of the professionals on the essential matters that touch on different issues affecting the environment. Having worked on the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) board for an extended period, he became a dedicated member.

In his role at the AIA, Ivy will have the responsibility of overseeing the national office at Washington, D.C that has 206 employees. He will guide the focus of the organization on the design as well as daily operations that concern the organization, improve AIA’s voice to validate the importance of designs and the way the public perceives architects and architecture.

His article in Huffington Post
Robert Ivy wrote an article in the Huffington Post on how to come up with new foundations for the health sector. It reflected on how good design can play a crucial role in addressing the complex issues in the health sector. The most evident example that was given is the use of the stairs instead of elevators, as they help in the physical exercise. There are countless benefits to a person’s body when he or she uses the stairs.

Architects have seen the need to collaborate with health officials to realize additional benefits. In the 21st century, researchers from the architecture and the public health sector have joined hands with the objective of expanding the understanding of people as well as coming up with an enhanced design that will better their well-being.

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