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Duda Melzer Investing Tips

Duda Melzer is a prominent business owner and investor. Over the years, he has built tremendous wealth by focusing on key business areas. Many people enjoy learning about business from him. Not only does he help people in the community, but he also mentors workers at his company.

Duda Melzer Founder RBS Group many years ago. Since that time, he has worked hard to build RBS Group into one of the largest oil companies in Brazil. He is proud of his vast business accomplishments.


The economy in Brazil is changing rapidly. Many people are moving to Brazil in search of quality jobs. The oil industry has expanded in recent years. Oil production is higher than ever before in Brazil. Increased oil production is an excellent sign for the future of RBS Group. Check out Globo to see more.

Real Estate

Duda Melzer uses his salary from RBS Group to invest in real estate. He firmly believes that generating multiple streams of income is a proven way to build wealth. He enjoys buying homes in different cities in Brazil. He now owns dozens of rental properties that he rents to tenants. Although he could retire, he enjoys managing RBS Group too much to quit.

Anyone who wants to learn about running a successful company should seek advice from Duda Melzer.

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