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Securus Technologies Bats for Better Incarceration Experience

Securus Technologies is regarded as one of the biggest players in the incarceration industry with innovative solutions and world-class customer experience. It has shown its commitment to come up with advanced solutions in the past that are addressing the needs of its customers. In early 2017, Securus revealed its plans and thoughts about the future of security and inmate communications. It thinks that by following a number of factors, the industry would provide a positive incarceration experience. The factors are increased product solutions to inmates, reduced pricing for services, ease of using services and solutions, smart devices access by 100%, additional video calling options, and more.


These factors would potentially impart to increased access and use of products by inmates, better education choices and opportunities for inmates, enhanced job opportunities for them, reduced recidivism among inmates, 24 × 7 communication options, high-quality healthcare, and more. Richard A. Smith, Chairman of Securus, says that the way how communication channels have improved for the general public during the last decade, it would influence the incarceration experience in the next decade. He added that inmates and their relatives could use the options currently available, and it would bring more products and solutions in the coming years to prevent or solve crimes and save lives.


Smith continued that in future, every new inmate who is admitted into the prison would be using their own device or Securus device and can start communicating with approved individuals immediately. It will also include recorded video, audio, emails, text messages, and more, and the inmates can even receive instant funding to their accounts. Interestingly, they will be connected to the database of Securus that provides them books, songs, medical attention, education resources, job access, legal options and resources, and more. Smith further added that Securus is reaching the final stages of providing all those options to the inmates.




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