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Talk Fusion Helps Take Your Marketing Career To The Next Level

Bob Reina is the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion Associates worldwide. He has over 25 years experience in the marketing industry and has created motivational videos and online training programs. Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion is committed to helping communities, animal charities and other organizations around the world. It is known as an all-inclusive Video Marketing Solution that can increase profits and sales for your business. It is an excellent step-by-step instructional video that is engaging and persuasive.


Talk Fusion created a free online training center called Talk Fusion University. Its purpose is to help marketing professionals excel at their craft through educational articles, downloads, instructional videos and white papers. Users will receive professional advice and training from the CEO Bob Reina himself. Some find it hard to believe that Reina was once a police officer in Florida. Today, he has developed a four-step system that has made him successful in “multi-level marketing” and “direct selling.” He passes along his expertise through these instructional videos found at Talk Fusion University. There are over 30 different videos that speak about Talk Fusion’s business opportunities and products. You can also find some of Bob Reina’s speeches on Facebook Live and other live meeting platforms. Talk Fusion believes that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve greatness and success without having to pay for it.


Currently, Talk Fusion is available in English only. They are working on their videos to be translated in German, Spanish, Chinese, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, French and Japanese. Their products are marketed in over 140 different countries by Independent Associates. You can have access to the Talk Fusion videos free of charge for 30 days. Learn more:



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