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Betsy DeVos: The Woman Fighting For Better Schooling In America

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Betsy DeVos has always been someone who was actively involved with the people who she serves as the Education Minister to. This was showcased well just hours before President Trump announced that he would be passing a bill that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender that they represent in schools across the country. To make sure she was appealing to the transgender community, and to ensure that their needs were met, she decided to hold a meeting with the representatives of the gay and transgender people who were working in office and the Education Department that she headed.


It wasn’t uncommon knowledge that DeVos opposed this system. She believed that children across the country should be able to use a bathroom of the gender that they identify with, and not according to the bodily parts that they are born with. This has been a growing concern among the transgendered youth and communities within the United States. Before President Trump’s ruling, the country followed the law that was in sync with DeVos’ policies that she thought should be implemented. However, the sudden change in the decision led to the country taking a different turn in transgender rights.


Even though DeVos did not agree with the ruling that was passed, she remained incredibly professional during the entire announcement being made. However, through the years, DeVos has been known to be a fighter for the rights of people. She has always stood by the stances that she takes and has tried to improve the community that she leads continually. Right from being at the forefront of the charter school movement, to be a significant contributor to the school grading movement, DeVos has always fought for the people. She has always seen education as one of the pinnacles of society, and the one factor that can genuinely contribute to the overall development of the country. She has always stood by the notion that children all over America should have unrestricted access to top quality education so that they can better contribute to society. Whenever DeVos sets her mind on a certain goal, she tries everything that she can to achieve it. This has led speculators wondering if DeVos is setting on track to reform the current transgender policies that President Trump has instilled in place.


As the education minister of the country, DeVos has big plans to bring her ideas to work, so that she can develop the schooling system for the benefit of America.


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