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Showcasing Your Business Through Todd Lubar’s Eyes

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President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments, Todd Lubar is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He is a well-established businessman that has led the world by storm in real estate. He has been in the business for more than 20 years and has helped hundreds to fulfill their dreams of owning their own home.

Todd has worked in many other areas as well during his time. He has lended his knowledge to the entertainment field as well as to construction and mortgage banking. He is extremely passionate about how he serves the community around him. It is with his knowledge and expertise that TDL Global has become as successful as it has.

During the 20 years of real estate business he was involved in, Todd Lubar knew there was room for growth. He realized that he had the desire to help others fulfill their dreams so he came up with the idea to form a business where the barriers which prevented others from getting their dream were knocked down. That is why he came up with the idea of creating a business which offered relief to its clients.

Todd knows what has to be done in order to make sure his dreams come alive. He knows that it takes hard work and time to build something from a simple idea. If you continue working on it day after day, eventually it will be worth something but if you leave it alone and do nothing more with it, it will surely die. This is what Todd lives for and this is the first thing he teaches others about.

Todd has worked for various well-known businesses in the past. He started working for Crestar Mortgage in 1995 and continued there until 1999 when he left and went to Legendary Properties. Once he finished there, Todd opened up a subsidiary of the business First Magnus Financial Corp. With Todd in the mortgage field, Todd was able to get his hands on a number of other lines for business which included the demolition of commercial buildings as well as making deals with a variety of large contractors looking for work around the country. View his full profile on


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