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Omar Yunes Symbolizes Success in Entrepreneurship

In 2015, Omar Yunes bagged the best franchise of the year award. The reward was a reflection of his outstanding performance in management. Working for Sushi Itto, Omar Yunes had exuded intelligence and diligence while handling the business. Omar also qualified for national representation in Mexico. He was joined by Ivan Tamer, who bagged the second position as a Prendamex franchisee. Yunes’ nomination for the position was based on his input in the business and he was judged by the panel of best franchisee in the world. Hosted in Florence Italy, the annual event which takes place in December saw to it that 34 countries were represented.



Some of the candidates who were awarded at the event include Yves Rocher who works at a cosmetic company that won the same twice in a row and Loja Da Condominio of rental services. The award for best franchisee is not determined by the candidate who generates more profits. All it takes is being the most active franchisee with a broad service network that injects a huge managerial value to the industry. Omar was awarded on the basis of his excellent work relationships. He is good at facilitating communication at corporate level. He is also excellent at implementing as well as controlling managerial boards. Omar’s input was unmatched and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.



The competition awarded Omar for his inclusive effort in operation teamwork, leadership, commitment as well as innovation. By building strong entrepreneurial networks, Omar has established a business that is successfully growing. Omar Yunes ventured in business in 2015. Coming from a prominent family, Omar’s talent and passion for business has been life changing to many. As an employer, he is a mentor as well as a motivation to many. Omar Yunes has also worked for real estate. He has multiple international businesses that have attracted many clients. Omar is a team manager, a team player as well as a project manager. His works have massively contributed to the award that he bagged in 2015 and learn more about Omar Yunes.



Omar Yunes offers public speeches geared towards motivating entrepreneurs. His focus is expanding entrepreneurial networks. In some instances, he may be the direct beneficiary. In others, other entrepreneurs benefit from his speeches and read full article.

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