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Orange Coast College looking to sustain, sustainability

Never let it be said the administration at Orange Coast College doesn’t understand the importance of going green. The California community college just recently unveiled a brand new recycling center, aimed at making the facility more accessible so that more students, faculty, and visitors to the campus will be looking to make recycling a bigger part of their day.


The center was finally completed after more than 15 months of construction. It opened August 21 and will be able to start taking those who are looking for a new drop-off center immediately. The old facility certainly got its fair share of traffic. The Coast Report Online says as many as 250 to 300 people a day were going to the center. This new location has already seen an uptick in those who use it by about 25 percent, meaning roughly 400 people per day.


The colllege’s director of sustainability, Mike Carey talked glowingly about what the organization can do with this new recycling center now that it is up an running. “One goal was to create more revenue for student projects and to be able to create more opportunities for the public to recycle,” Carey told the college website.


Not only is the new center state of the art, and quite a bit more efficient, but Carey says there is a wider variety of materials that can be recycled at the facility. This new recycling center comes after more than 10 years of planning. That number alone might surprise some, who have just come to the “going green” movement. Learn more:


Orange Coast College has long been on the front lines of the education movement in California. Founded in 1947, the school and its administrators have been helping students find their way to four-year degrees after graduating the community college for decades. It makes sense that the kids who go through the school would see efforts like this new recycling center. The OCC ranks first in the county’s community colleges when it comes to sending kids onto the next level of education and development. The school truly preps the student who come there for the real world.

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