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Eric Paul Lefkofsky, the Man behind the Cutting Edge Technology at Tempus

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In this life, you can either choose to walk, swim, or fly. When you fly, you rise high above the sky, lock on your target, and advance with a carefully made strategy. When you choose to walk or swim, you are rarely aware of your ending point mainly because you can never see your destination from afar. With the above in mind, Eric Paul Lefkofsky is one individual that has chosen to fly into a better future, using Tempus as his airliner to success. At forty-eight years of age, Mr. Lefkofsky is renowned for being the Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus, a technological company that has been pioneering the fight against cancer.

As an entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky is yet again known for his role in helping create Groupon where he now sits in as the Chairman. With a net worth of close to $2 billion, there is no doubt whatsoever that Eric Paul Lefkofsky is the best at what he does. Apart from helping create Tempus and Groupon, Eric is also the co-founder of institutions like Mediaocean, Uptake, Lightbank, InnerWorkings, and Echo Global Logistics. In his lifetime, Paul has been passionate about fighting cancer, an ailment that has plagued the world for centuries. By donating heavily to cancer research, Mr. Lefkofsky has helped scientists get closer to a cure and what Eric knows.

Above all, Lefkofsky has gone the extra mile of developing a smarter approach meant to realize a cancer cure within the shortest time possible. Through Tempus, Eric has built infrastructure using modern technology meant to combat the disease head-on. So far, Tempus has thrived mainly due to its use of precision medicine that has easily guaranteed a favorable prognosis on the part of cancer patient. By using technology to their advantage, Tempus has introduced an electronic health records system that allows medics and scientists to highlight new developments on cancer thus making research on the ailment more elaborate. By harmonizing information into one package, the fight against cancer is now more strategic than it was half a century ago. Therefore, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has used his position of influence and intelligence to help create something that will one day benefit the entire world and more information click here.

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