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The Secret behind Fabletics’ Continued Success

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The growth in technology has with no doubt affected very many aspects of business operations today. Marketing and advertising are some of the aspects that completely changed since the onset of devices like televisions and later the onset of mobile phones. Through gadgets like mobile phones and tablets, there are numerous apps and ways that successful entrepreneurs can utilize to market their products or services.


Today, marketing is now based more on what the consumers say. It does not matter what the company says, the clients’ response after consuming the product is what really classifies the product as good, bad or just average. Traditional marketing techniques are now a thing of the past. Most people go through a company’s review before settling on which company to buy from. With this in mind, smart investors with successful brands like Fabletics have embraced the current marketing trend that relies on what the crowds say and have come up with consumer friendly products that ultimately get good reviews.


Fabletics is one of the fastest growing brands, which has experienced a tremendous growth since it was launched in 2013. It is now worth $235 million with a growth of more than 200%. The brand has over one million customers since its inception. Fabletics marketing team understands that good reviews have an effect of increasing loyalty, retaining existing customers and even acquiring new customers.


Tapping into customer review is one of the strategies that has helped brands like Fabletics continue to grow in revenue and number of consumers. This is because customers trust the review of fellow consumers. About 84% of people trust the online review just the same way they trust a recommendation from a friend or relative. This is according to a BrightLocal study, which also stipulated that the percentage increases every year.


Positive reviews give a company power in the market share.They also make it possible for the company to generate more revenue after reaching great numbers of loyal customers. When it comes to your ranking on google, companies with better reviews have been ranking better.


Fabletics’ success can be attributed to the facts that Kate, who has been actively involved in decision making at every level since the company was started, is a big fanatic of quality. She sells what she believes is good for her; authenticity is her main goal. She has been the face of Fabletics due to her easygoing character. She has an active lifestyle and approachable personality.


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