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Lori Senecal Has Become An Expert At Facebook Advertising

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Lori Senecal has revolutionized the advertising industry with the use of social media, coders, technologists, and advertising professionals. She reaches her audience, delivers her message, and inspires her audience to act. At CP+E she encourages creative thinking in her approach to mobile phone advertising. Her company has ten international locations and many of their accounts are a list of who’s who. Her advertisers see excellent returns on their investments and Lori Senecal excels at Facebook advertising. She targets mobile phone users with compelling visual content, and creates a unique campaign for every client. She uses videos and the top trends in marketing and her content often goes viral. Her skills include color palettes, mobile design, the generation of emotional responses, humor, and analyzing data.

Due to the rise in mobile phone usage mobile advertising is expanding. Most of the $60 billion generated in 2015 was from advertising targeted for mobile devices. A lot of the growth is controlled by Google and Facebook. Part of the challenge is the 92 percent of users who use software to block ads. Shorter ads are gaining popularity to keep the viewers’ attention and there are now mobile ads that target every age group. Chat marketing allows online shoppers to receive updates, sales, specials, and more in Facebook’s messenger app. This generates repeat customers and has become lucrative for the owners of the businesses. Additionally ads are getting away from celebrities and using real people to connect with their users.

In a report of Campaignlive as of March of 2017 there are 1.28 active users every day. Businesses need connections that are effective and personalized. Facebook advertising requires a goal and a solid plan. The ads must be creative, visually appealing, relatable, use real people, tap into emptions, and avoid aggressiveness and blatant marketing.

Lori Senecal is extremely knowledgeable regarding not just advertising but Facebook advertising. She is the driving force behind Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, has expanded the company, and been responsible for much of their growth. Her work encompasses a global level and she manages ten international offices.

Lori Senecal has served numerous prominent positions in an executive capacity and received extensive accolades. She has been named as an innovator, an executive to watch, and excels in the marketing of products and advertising campaigns. Follow her on Twitter

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