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Bruno Fagali Assists Various Industries In Developing Ethical Business Practices

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  • Bruno Fagali Assists Various Industries In Developing Ethical Business Practices

     The legal expert Bruno Fagali has been a name mentioned in many different industrial circles over recent years as the lawyer has played an important role in developing new and ethical ways of conducting business in the 21st century. One of the companies to have benefited the most from the work of Bruno Fagali is the new/sb advertising agency who appointed Bruno Fagali to its company to make sure the business was being run in an ethical and transparent manner.

Bruno Fagali was trained as a legal expert at USP where he achieved his Masters in Law and set out on a career destined to take him to some of the leading Brazilian advertising companies; the success and skill shown by Bruno Fagali as a legal expert providing his talents for members of the advertising industry has been rewarded with his appointment to the Ethics Committee of the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics; at the institute, Bruno Fagali specializes in developing the ethics and transparency of the advertising industry to avoid any issues involving corruption being present in deals that are struck for work to be completed.

Bruno Fagali has not only spent his time exploring the overall advertising industry in Brazil in terms of ethics, but has got his hands dirty by working with individual companies to produce a transparent and morally ethical business model. At the new/sb ad agency Bruno Fagali has taken up the role of Corporate Integrity Manager where he works closely with agency employees to develop new ways of developing transparency in the business of an agency handling a large number of government contracts; under the guidance of Bruno Fagali an employee ethics committee has been established at new/sb that allows those working for the company a say in the way the business and industry as a whole moves forward.



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