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Eric Lefkofsky’s Self-Funded Mission for Curing Of Cancer through Data

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Eric Lefkofsky does not like commencing new organizations at least in this present level of profession. Together with his business colleague “Brad Keywell”, the 47-year-old businessman has made several startups public. He has also left legacy as among the most victorious tech founders within Chicago. After his wife got cancer, everything changed. Like everyone else, Lefkofsky said it was a hard time for him to deal with a cancer diagnosis for his close relative and more information click here.

After sometime, Lefkofsky and Keywell started Tempus, a firm that takes data-driven method to treat cancer. The startup utilizes machine genomic sequencing and machine learning to analyze patients’ tumor and tailors treatment plan that are best suited to stop it. During an interview at his Tempus facility, Lefkofsky added that Tempus is leading in technology paradigm shift within healthcare as compared to the startup portrayed initially by Google in the new internet experience and the manner in which Facebook altered how the two internet giants link with each other.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a technology organization that has established an operating system to fight cancer. He is also the Lightbank founding partner, a venture carrying out investment in disruptive technologies. Lefkofsky is also the chairman and co-founder of Groupon, a world e-commerce marketplace and Uptake Technologies co-founder, which is a spearheading predictive analytics podium for the globe’s biggest industries (Mediaocean). Mediaocean is the leading supplier of integrated media procurement mechanism. In addition, Lefkofsky is a stake holder in Echo Global Logistics, which is a logistics outsourcing and technology-enabled transportation company and Inner Workings, a world supplier of promotional and managed print solutions.

Lefkofsky started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 together with his wife. The private charitable foundation advances high-impact initiatives to improve lives in the served communities. Lefkofsky also serves as the trustee at World Business Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Art Institute of Chicago and the Lurie Children Hospital in Chicago. He is also the author of Accelerated Disruption and the professor at Chicago University. Lefkofsky graduated from Michigan University and got his Degree at the University of Michigan Law School and learn more about Eric.

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