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Meet the Surprising Entrepreneur Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is living proof that a great entrepreneur can be successful in many different businesses. After growing up in Brooklyn, New York, he went to Bennington College where he earned a fine arts degree. Like many people graduating with art degrees, he found it difficult to break into the art market. Therefore, he became a successful business executive.

After his college graduation, Arthur Becker stayed in Vermont where he fell in love with the architecture of the state while living in a Buddhist monastery. After leaving the monastery, he started restoring old houses in Vermont. One of his projects was sold to Vermont Governor Thomas Salmon who lived in the beautifully restored home after leaving office in 1977.

According to NY Curbed, Arthur Becker then moved to Los Angeles. It was during his time there that Arthur Becker discovered that he had a flair for business. A friend convinced him to invest in a Hawaiian macadamia nut orchard. Soon, Arthur Becker was building several different orchards each one having a home. He admits that the project was a failure because it takes macadamia nut orchards 10 to 12 years before they produce their first crop.

Seeing an opportunity in the early 2000s to make money buying and building tech companies, Arthur Becker became an executive of NaviSite. After building the business to become one of the leaders in the industry, Arthur Becker was instrumental in selling the company to Time Warner Cable for $230 million. He then spent time building the publishing company Zinio.

Leaving technology companies behind, Arthur Becker returned to New York City where he became a Bear Stearns stockbroker.While Arthur Becker was a highly successful businessman, he still felt a strong passion for developing real estate. He reentered the real estate market as a silent partner of Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney working with them on their development of Billionaire’s Row.

Arthur then went on to work as a silent partner with Maloney and Robert Gladstone. This highly successful trio has recently broken up with Arthur Becker receiving three houses on Sullivan Street in exchange for his share of the company. Becker’s first solo entrance into real estate was his development of 465 Washington Street.

Arthur Becker is very proud of the financial empire that he has built. He says that his combination art studio and real estate office is his favorite work space. Visit

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