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Richard Mishaan Touches Design with his Chic Style

Richard Mishaan is an architect and a successful Interior Designer. He recently had a dinner to celebrate his most recent book, Artfully Modern. This is his second book on design. It has been on the Amazon’s top position for its category several times in recent weeks.



The book proports that art makes life better. You can enhance any room in your home with special pieces of art. He claims that art does not have to be expensive to be good. It must be your personal expression only. Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn says that Richard can make something beautiful for everyone, not just himself.



Mishaan has been listed on Architectural Digest’s top 100 list several times. Margaret Russell, AD’s editor-in-chief. Says Richard is deeply creative and truly enjoys what he does.



Guests at the recent dinner includes Anita Sarsidi, William Waldron, and Maurice Bernstein. Also present were Naeem Khan, Dennis Basso and Nicole Miller. Khan added that Richard does everything with chic and finesse. He can make unusual art go together well.



Richard Mishaan is a world renowned Interior Designer and Architect with a flair for luxury and quality. Born in Columbia, he started his career working with Philip Johnson. He has two books in print. In addition to Artfully Modern, he also authored Modern Luxury.



Mishaan Design has been in business for over 25 years for residential clients, as the Hospitality and Commercial sectors. The company has designed some of the most innovative residences and hotels in existence. Richard continues to apply his expert creativity to many new ventures.



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